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38Blue is a political action committee based in Minnesota House District 38B. Our mission is to support candidates who share our values, help build people's social networks, and cultivate leaders in our community.

Who are the people behind 38Blue?

Leadership Team

Where is MN House District 38B?

MN House District 38B is situated in the northeast part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Within its boundaries are the cities of North Oaks and Dellwood, White Bear Township, the greater part of the city of White Bear Lake north of Cedar Avenue, and the southern portion of the city of Hugo.

Not sure if you live in MN House District 38B? Use the Who Represents Me tool from the state of Minnesota to find out.

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Date Time Description Location Event Link
Su 3/10/2019 1:00PM - 3:00PM 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off Boatworks Commons, WBL More Details
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To enter your chili in the competition, email Stephen Kelly at .


38Blue takes 100% of all contributions and puts them directly toward organizing around blue values in the White Bear Lake area.  We invest in local blue candidates and plan organizing events, and whenever possible, all business expenditures stay local as well.  Please let our investments be your investment.

Contributions can be made to 38Blue at any organizing event, or alternatively, make your contribution online today via ActBlue!

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38Blue is only as strong as the community we are working so hard to build. Please help us create even more momentum. The first step is just saying "Hello."

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38Blue - Your Community Blue PAC

As an ethical PAC, we hold the following as part of our mission and service to our community.

38Blue only does grassroots fundraising in the communities around White Bear Lake. As a general purpose political committee, 38Blue cannot (by law) accept contributions from corporations or LLCs. According to the MN Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board:

A general purpose political committee or fund cannot accept money from corporations. Because no corporate money is involved, a general purpose political committee or fund can contribute money to candidates, other political committees and funds, and political parties. It also can make independent expenditures and ballot question expenditures.

- MN Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board

38Blue is committed to maintaining fiscal transparency within the fiduciary parameters set by each contributor. We fulfill this by publicly posting to our website the following information:

  • Any contribution equal to or greater than $200 with full disclosure.
  • Any contribution greater than $20 but less than or equal to $200, with full disclosure at the discretion of the contributor. We otherwise report these contributions as "anonymous."
  • Any contribution of $20 or less is reported anonymously, posted individually or in aggregate (as appropriate).
  • All expenditures with full disclosure.

Latest 38Blue Financial Report - PDF

Too often political action committees are used as a tool for divisive politics, sowing discontent and division through shady deals and dishonest advertising. 38Blue carries out its mission in spite of this. We seek to build understanding between people through constructive discourse, and we seek equitable public policy through dedicated research.